Alison Krauss & Union Station
Lonely Runs Both Ways

Alison Krauss released her highly anticipated album on November 23rd.  Krauss has had an amazing year with "Whiskey Lullaby," her duet with Brad Paisley.  Whiskey Lullaby picked up the "Music Video of the Year" and "Musical Event of the Year" at the CMA Awards this year.  On Lonely Runs Both Ways, "Gravity" and "Restless" were the stand out tracks.  The great thing about Alison Krauss is her voice and style.  You can tell a Alison Krauss song immediately after you turn on the radio.  Her voice is so recognizable and that is truly a great quality to have nowadays.  I have a couple other Krauss albums and this one, by far is the best to date.  - Janelle Landauer
Album picks: "Gravity," "Restless," "Goodbye Is All We Have," "If I Didn't Know Any Better" and "Borderline."
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