Amy Chappell
These Days

Amy Chappell is best known as a contestant on Nashville Star.  Chappell released her debut last year after the competition with producer Scott Paschall.  The album includes a couple of radio friendly tunes out of the 10 tracks, including "Such A Secret" and "No Turning Back."  Chappell is quite an accomplished songwriter writing all songs alone except for track one which she co-wrote with Tim Johnson.  Overall, this album is good - not great, but good. -- Janelle Landauer

1.  Such a Secret
2.  You'd Be Here Now
3.  Love Will Come Around
4.  Better Side of Life
5.  These Days
6.  No Turning Back
7.  Relevance of Circumstance
8.  Picture Perfect Life
9.  How Your Love Feels
10. Goodbye, Goodbye
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