Steve Azar
Waitin' On Joe
Mercury Nashville
Produced by Rafe Van Hoy
Steve Azar has been around in the music industry for quite some time now, but most see him as a newcomer.  Steve released his debut album, "Heartbreak Town" back in 1996 on River North Records.  "Waitin' On Joe" is the second album he has released, but the first record on his label, Mercury Nashville.  This album has true potential, yet many have only heard his two singles released - "I Don't Have To Be Me (Til' Monday)" and "Waitin' On Joe."  This is one of the hardest reviews I've had to write because there just isn't a song on this album that I don't like.  They all have potential in one way or another.  There are very few CDs that I listen to more than once, and "Waitin' On Joe" just happens to be one of them.  Definitely an artist that deserves MUCH MORE credit than what he receives!  I hardly ever give 5 stars on albums, but this one deserves it, most definitely.  No doubt, one of the best albums released in 2002.  It just so happens that it is by an artist that has not received much recognition.

Pick hit: "Waitin' On Joe" (written & recorded by Steve Azar)

Chorus: "Waitin' on Joe oh, whatdaya' know .. Time flies fast and he is slower than a .. I told him over and over now, 'don't you be late.' .. ahh, but like always .. I'm just sittin' on go... and Waitin' On Joe."

Steve's view on the song : "For this record, it was the most important song because I really feel like it helped me land my record deal as well as get focused. It gave my album a focus.  The Mississippi River. Hard-working people.  The underdog.  People who are working their tails off.  Every song on the record has a direct title, 'Waitin' On Joe' so that is the most important song on the album.  My uncle Joe who passed away was some of the inspiration.  He died of cancer and so to me the train was the cancer.  I think everybody has their own Joe that their waiting on.  Whether it is somebody or some thing and that's what the narrative of the video with Morgan Freeman was about.  That people know that try not to lose focus on what you got, why you want take for granite for those great beautiful things you have in your life, while you're waiting on other things.  It becomes a juggling act.  It's hard to do."

Album picks:  "Waitin' On Joe," "The Underdog," and "One Good Reason Why."
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