BEZY WADE –– Tim Bezy and Nathan Wade Have A Good Thing Going...
by Janelle Landauer

Tim Bezy and Nathan Wade seem to have a good thing going working together in the music industry.  Tim Bezy started writing songs back in 1992 and has continued studying and learning the ropes of the music business through the years.  Nathan Wade began getting serious about his music when he sang at his wedding when he was 21 and realized that he loved performing for an audience.  A few years ago, Bezy and Wade met up and now co-write a lot together and also make the frequent trips to Nashville.  “I had never co-written before I met Tim, and it has been great,” says Wade.  “We seemed to mesh right away, from the first session when we wrote a song... and I think we have a real good thing going."

Tim Bezy

Ever since Tim Bezy decided to work in the music industry, he has accomplished many of his goals including securing several publishing deals.  “I currently manage my own catalogue under the name of IMBEZY Music on SESAC,” explains Bezy.  “I continually have many up and coming artists recording my songs.”

Bezy also scored a major break when Montgomery Gentry recorded his song “Git-R-Done” for the Larry the Cable Guy movie: Health Inspector.  “Git-R-Done” came about during a writing session with Chad Lee,” Bezy reveals.  “He brought the idea up on a whim thinking Larry needed a song.  We wrote it on a Saturday afternoon sitting on the deck at my studio.  We wrote it dreaming that maybe Montgomery Gentry would record it… We are both Eddie and Troy fans.”

“Chad just happened to be subbing as a guitar player at Coyote Willy’s Country bar in Lincoln, NE,” recalls Bezy.  At the same time, Larry the Cable Guy was there having his bachelor’s party.  Chad met up with Larry and said he had written a song for him. Larry took a copy and said he loved it and would pass it along to Warner Bros. – since Larry was working on a new movie which still needed a song.

The movie producer for the project, Alan C. Blomquist gave Chad and Tim a call requesting a few changes to tailor fit it for the movie.  And, after Tim and Chad did the re-writes, Blomquist gave the OK and then Montgomery Gentry came in to do the vocals on it.  “It was enough that they liked it, but the icing was that Montgomery Gentry was going to sing it,” adds Bezy.

Some of Bezy’s frequent co-writers include Tom Bezy, Jimmy Weber, Dave Brainard, Phil Valdez, and Peter Wagner.  He also writes a lot with Nathan Wade, as mentioned and Chad Lee.  He’s currently working on projects with newcomers David Graham, Cori Jean and Bethany Pope.  In addition, he’s had cuts by Sheila Greenland, Colt Prather, Daryle Singletary, John Cowan, Rigo Sanchez, Jon Russell, Tami Hall and others.

“I’m still writing my favorite song as of now.  The one that gets to number one will definitely be my favorite!  I find ideas for songs everywhere I turn… Life is my palette.”

Nathan Wade

Nathan Wade never really sang in front of anyone, besides when joking around with a few close friends.  That changed when he was 21 – and he decided to sing Jeff Carson’s “That Last Mile” at his wedding ceremony.  “I sang it live in front of all our family and friends,” notes Wade.  “I immediately started entering contests, and realized just how much I loved performing for an audience.”

One of Wade’s favorite experiences was in Omaha, Nebraska where he played at The Red Barn Opry Show.  “It was always all about the music…. No booze, no smoking…. Everyone was there to listen to good old country music,” says Wade. "My first big show was a packed house. They had advertised it for a couple months, and low and behold I got laryngitis and could hardly talk. I felt such an obligation to the patrons who were coming out, I decided to give the show a go.  IT WAS AWFUL!  My voice was cracking on almost every note, so I was apologizing profusely to everyone….and all those people did was clap louder in appreciation that I would even attempt to do the show in my condition.  I will never forget that feeling."

Wade eventually plans to record a project of his music in Nashville.  But, right now, he’s concentrating mostly on his songwriting.  “I’d like to continue to integrate into the Nashville scene, make good contacts, good friends and great music,” adds Wade.  “Eventually make the big move, and put all the cards on the table.  I am a dreamer, always have been – always will be.  I would love to hear a song I helped craft on the radio full blast, driving fast and smiling big – singin’ along!”

Like most songwriters, Wade draws ideas for songs literally everywhere.  “That is the beauty of being a songwriter… being able to take any moment – good or bad – and turn it into 3 minutes that can effect you or someone else’s life– maybe forever.  Magical!”

Bezy Wade Merchandise

Bezy Wade Merchandise is a new venture for both Tim Bezy and Nathan Wade.  Bezy owns a photography studio in Nebraska and has been taking pictures of artists for years now.  “It just seemed right to expand into merchandise in addition to the pictures,” says Bezy.  “It came to life because of our love for country music artists.”

At Bezy Wade Merchandise, they currently make logos, glossies, shirts, hats, cozies and many other items for artists.  “We just finished a project for Jon Russell, Tami Hall, Travis List, and we have many more in the works,” notes Bezy.  For more information on Bezy Wade Merchandise, visit their official site at:

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