Blaine Larsen
Off To Join The World
Street Date: January 25, 2005

Blaine Larsen's major label debut, Off To Join The World just blows me away.  Larsen's current single, "How Do You Get That Lonely" is just one of his truly amazing songs from this album.  "The Best Man" and "The Man He'll Never Be," which Larsen co-wrote/wrote, just add so much to this album.  For a man of such a young age, Blaine has the songwriting and vocal ability to be very successful in country music.  Accomplished songwriters Rory Lee Feek and Tim Johnson not only
Added: January 18, 2005
co-wrote several tracks on this album with Larsen, but they also produced Off To Join The World.    With having the support of such professionals as them, Blaine Larsen is destined to be a star.  Larsen's ballads the true stand-outs on this album, but his up-tempo songs add to complete this whole album project.  Off To Join The World is an amazing major label debut by such a talented newcomer.  It's early on to say this, but I truly believe that Blaine Larsen will have a long music career.  So far, hands down, he has been the best male newcomer to hit in 2004 and so far this year.  If you are looking for a great album, you have found it... - Off To Join The World hits stores January 25th! - Janelle Landauer

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Track listing:

1.  The Best Man
2.  In My High School
3.  That's All I've Got To Say About That
4.  Teaching Me How To Love You <with Joey Martin>
5.  I've Been In Mexico
6.  If Merle Would Sing My Song <guest vocals by Merle Haggard>
7.  Yessireebob
8.  The Man He'll Never Be
9.  That's Just Me
10. Off To Join The World <The Circus Song>
11. How Do You Get That Lonely

Album picks:  "The Best Man," "Teaching Me How To Love You," and "The Man He'll Never Be," "How Do You Get That Lonely."
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