Blue County put on one heck of a show.  A co-staffer had recommended seeing Blue County over and over but until this year, I hadn't had an opportunity to see them live.  Blue County hit the scene with their debut single, Good Little Girls.  This single is probably one of the most noteworthy singles from last year.  "Good Little Girls" drove the fans wild.  Scott Reeves is well known for his role on - "The Young and The Restless" as "Ryan."  Almost every woman has went through a "soap stage," so many country fans recognize Reeves from the show.  Lead Blue County singer, Aaron Benward and his father Jeoffrey were part of a successful Christian group in the 90's - Aaron Jeoffrey.  "The Climb" and "After The Rain" were just two of the albums released by Aaron Jeoffrey, but they are personally recommended for any Blue County fans.  Blue County released their self titled debut on April 6, 2004.  Just by hearing their live shows and the other songs they performed that are on this album, I could predict that their debut is just as great as their live shows.

Blue County is among three live acts this year that have been able to get the crowd awakened after several shows.  The other two artists are dominating the industry - Keith Urban and Montgomery Gentry.  I have had the opportunity to attend multiple shows this year including Sara Evans, Miranda Lambert, Joe Nichols, Gary Allan, Jessica Andrews and more, but none of the crowds were completely taken over by the artists. Sometimes, this was justified because the artist didn't prove themselves as performers, but others didn't directly deserve a harsh crowd.

With the Blue County show, it was more of a smaller show, compared to other venues, but the crowd was actually "into" the show.  The guys of Blue County are entertainers to say the last.  They know how to involve the crowd and make their shows worthwhile.  Reeves plays the heck out of his guitar.  Benward sings lead vocals and plays guitar as well.  Benward rocks out on stage with un-seen dance moves.  Benward goes a bit crazy up on stage - rockin', movin', and most of all "performing."  The artists with excellence are able to capture the crowd and keep them involved and excited.  Blue County was able to do that and so much more.

Blue County really just have everything working in their favor.  They are great guys and really down to earth.  They are excellent musicians and vocalists and they are strong songwriters contributing a great deal to their album projects.  They may not have had the number 1's or a best selling album but I would definitely not count them out just yet.  Truly, Blue County is an act to be reckoned with.  Blue County is one of the best lives shows this year... and the best new duo, no doubt.

Live Set picks:  "Walk On Water," "Hollywood California," "Good Little Girls," and "That's Cool."
By Janelle Landauer
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