singer from BR549 (Chuck Mead) occasionally begins some of the songs on this album with no lead in.  Mead does this very well and with success.  Tangled in the Pines is an album that is musically sound.  "Run a Mile" presents their tightest harmonizing between the guys of BR549.  One conflict about this album, though, is that their style of music is generally not played or taken too serious on Country radio.  They showcased so much success early on in their career, but have yet to over shine their other earlier albums (radio wise).  I think this album is stronger than their other albums, but I'm not sure radio sees it like this.  A lot of the music on radio nowadays is so pop oriented that other artists don't shine through as much as they used to. The other thing is that a lot of us get comfortable with the new genre of country music that it gets hard to listen to this style of music all of the time.  I enjoyed this album but I have yet to hear it on radio.  I'm sure that BR549 will continue to improve and stay true to who they are.  The greatest thing about a performer is those who stay true to themselves and just continue to improve with each album release.  I am looking forward to their next debut.  Overall, this album has some great songs and some songs that didn't blow me away like most albums do. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "I'm All Right (For the Shape I'm in)," "Run a Mile," and "That's What I Get."
Tangled In The Pines

BR549 consists of Chuck Mead (vocals, guitar), Don Herron (fiddle, Hawaiian steel guitar, mandolin, electric mandolin), Chris Scruggs (vocals, guitar), Geoff Firebaugh (doghouse bass & electric bass), and Shaw Wilson (drums, vocals).

The guys of BR549 are unique to say the least.  You will not find anything out there quite as interesting as them.  Many of you probably remember BR549 for their single, "Wild Thing."  The lead
Added: December 19, 2004
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