Brad Cotter
Patient Man

Earlier this year, the winner of Nashville Star was announced and Brad Cotter was the big winner over George Canyon.  To follow in the success of the first season of Nashville Star, Brad Cotter had a lot of work to do.  The first season was swiped by Buddy Jewell.  Jewell made a fantastic debut during the whole year with a hit album and hit singles.  Cotter and Epic decided to release "I Meant To" as his first single and frankly, I'm not sure why they did.  In my opinion, Cotter should have released "I Miss Me" as his debut single, not the follow-up.  I know that "I Meant To" debuted well on the charts, but I
Added: December 19, 2004
just didn't think it was Cotter's best work.  "I Miss Me" on the other hand, is the best single on the record and without question a quality mastered single.  "I Miss Me" impressed so many media individuals and fans in general, that the show, Epic, and Cotter should have immediately taken notice after he won.  Instead, when they finally decided to release "I Miss Me," the single basically flopped on the charts.  He has so much songwriting ability and even though Cotter doesn't have the "range" like some artists, Cotter is still a respectable artist.  In this case, I believe the timing and some decisions made by his team were not the greatest.  I'm not discrediting Cotter's talent, because he is extremely talented  I just hope he is able to pull off a big hit next single out. Cotter will always have an upper hand with songwriting because he is truly an amazing songwriter.  This album is not my favorite, but it is not necessarily a bad album either.  With all things considered, I do know Cotter has a place in country music- he just needs to find his niche.

Album picks:
"I Miss Me," "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" and "Hard to Be A Rock."
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