Brad & Shelly

Another great addition to the Cupit Records roster is brother/sister duo  Brad & Shelly.  "Love Is Thicker Than Water" is a good ole' story song that I think would have the most impact on their careers.  The CD delivers a strong debut for a powerful duo which would make a great addition to the Nashville scene.  Brad has rare vocal qualities which slightly resemble the likes of Tracy Lawrence.  The duo Brad & Shelly are quite unique because there is no other active brother / sister duo in country music.  Brad & Shelly rotate leads on different verses throughout almost all of the songs to showcase the vocal abilities of both artists.  I look forward to hearing more from Brad & Shelly in the future as I'm sure they will continue to grow in their music and writing.
- Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "Don't Make Me," "Love Is Thicker Than Water," "When They Waltz" and "Strange World."
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