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August 29, 2003 - Louisville, KY
Review by Ashley B.

The Chris Cagle concert in Louisville, KY last Friday night was incredible!  Cagle was highly energetic during the whole show. He opened with "The Love Between A Woman and a Man" which was a perfect song to start with.  The show was at the Spectrum Auditorium, an intimate setting.  Chris made contact with every person from the front row stage to the balcony on top.     He performed for an hour and a half.  Every minute was full of high energy!  I would highly recommend everyone that is a country music fan to go and see Chris Cagle because you will not leave disappointed at all. His new single is "Chicks Dig It."  Past hits include "What a Beautiful Day," "Laredo," " My Love Goes On & On," and "I Breathe In, I Breathe Out."  Chris Cagle is an opening act on the CMT Most Wanted Live Tour Headlined by Rascal Flatts this year. Be sure to check the tour out!  You can get information on the tours at: or   For ticket information, you can go to

Chris Cagle
(Capitol Records)
CD reviewed by Ashley B.

Chris Cagle hit the country music scene with his debut CD, entitled "Play It Loud."  Now he is back with his self-titled cd.
His current cd is one of the most popular CDs out, debuting on the Country Charts at #1 knocking Toby Keith's "Unleashed" to #2.  This cd features the hit "What A Beautiful Day," along with his new single "Chicks Dig It!"  This cd is a MUST for all country music fans!  If you are a fan of energetic, yet enjoyable music, I would recommend going to get Chris Cagle's self-titled CD!  Songs on this album show love, break ups, and how people feel about each other.  He co-wrote almost all of the songs on this CD, and also produced it.  This cd is as country as they come, and I highly recommend it!
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