The track “Hip Hop In A Honky Tonk,” featuring Kevin Fowler, sums up what Chicken & Biscuits – and Colt Ford – is about.  After blasting George Strait on the way to the honky tonk to hear country music, he finds himself listening to hip hop and offers to pay the deejay to turn it off.  But as he watches the women hit the dance floor, his mind starts to change.  In a way, this is how Ford has grown his fan base – by expanding their horizons to a form of country music they had not heard before, one new fan at a time.

“Chicken & Biscuits,” the title track and first single, is Ford’s ‘love song’ from the album, featuring James Otto on the chorus. The catchy track is all about a woman who holds his fascination with everything she does.  He can’t get enough of her kisses, just like he can’t get enough of chicken and biscuits.  While a woman may not enjoy being compared to a plate of fried food, the sentiment is the same.

A stand out track on the album is “Country Kids” which contains a strong vocal performance from newcomer Rachel Farley.  It is a song about what Ford knows best – the country life.  Specifically, it’s a song about how, regardless of the road life takes, someone born and raised in the country will always be country.  “From the moment we’re born until we’re 106, we’ll always be,” sings Farley, with Ford adding “country kids.”  If given the chance, this is a track that could do well on country radio.

Randy Houser joins Ford on “Hey Ya’ll,” a rocking party anthem.  Houser’s voice blends quite well with Ford’s and this track begs to be cranked up.  Another party tune is “Cricket On A Line.”  This track is the closest Ford comes to a full on rap tune, with Rhett Akins singing the chorus and Ford calling out “Let me hear you say ‘Hey! We want some country!’” for the audience to repeat.  This is one song that would bring people to the dance floor if it came on in a honky tonk.

Other artists Ford has enlisted on Chicken & Biscuits include Darryl Worley, Josh Gracin, DMC of Run/DMC, Joe Nichols and Ira Dean, among still others.  Ford’s music may not be for the more traditional crowd, but he has carved out a niche in the market that works.  Give Ford’s Chicken & Biscuits a listen.  Chances are you will recommend it to a friend.  And Ford will have grown his fan base just a bit more.

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Colt Ford: 'Chicken & Biscuits' – Album Review
by Sarah Wyland

Colt Ford is back with a hefty helping of southern fried chicken and biscuits.  After selling more than 200,000 copies of his first album and subsequent exclusives and live releases, Ford released his sophomore effort Chicken & Biscuits on April 20.  While he’s not a singer, don’t call Ford a rapper either.  His specialty is spoken country, a style similar to that heard on songs such as Toby Keith’s “I Want To Talk About Me” and Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue.”  Ford’s music is, essentially, his own stories set to music.
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