Craig Morgan is back with a new single, "Look At Us."  The single is already receiving a lot of attention from country radio stations.  Morgan also penned this single from his "I Love It" album.  "Look At Us" is a song which characterizes the enjoyment of a long-term relationship.

Morgan is currently in the studio during the week and he is also out on the road playing shows on weekends.  Morgan recently moved into a new home in Dickson, Tennessee with his wife Karen and their 4 children.  As Morgan continues to "wow" his audiences, fans, and the music industry, it's a safe bet to say that we haven't saw the last of the talented Craig Morgan on Broken Bow Records.

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Craig Morgan: On The Rise
By Janelle Landauer

Craig Morgan knows what it is like to be an American.  Morgan, a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserves has spent 11 years in the Army.  Morgan served during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Just Cause in Panama.  Morgan served as a Paratrooper, a Ranger and with the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.  Morgan also trained at the ROK Ranger School while in Korea.  Morgan has also given back to the US Armed Forces by visiting troops in Iraq over the Christmas holidays.

Morgan, a Nashville Tennessee native is making lasting impressions on many.  Whether it's his true American spirit, or his unbelievable music ability, Morgan is becoming a rarity in the music scene.  Morgan was one of the first independent artists to show that it really doesn't matter if you are signed to the top major label in Nashville or an independent label.  Many other artists have began following in Morgan's footsteps by giving independent labels a chance, and a chance is what they deserve.

Morgan's hit "Almost Home" was recently honored with the prestigious Songwriter Achievement Award from The Nashville Songwriters Association International.  "Almost Home" was voted one of the ten top songs by Nashville's top professional songwriters as a song they wish they had written.  "Almost Home" reached the #6 spot on the country charts and re-established Morgan's potential in the industry.
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