Craig Morgan
I Love It

"I Love It" - the 2002 release from Craig Morgan has moved boundaries and increased 'independent' label tries at success.  Morgan was one of the first indie artists to show that it doesn't really matter if you are signed on to the top major label in Nashville or an independent label.  Many others have began following in Morgan's footsteps by giving independent labels a chance and a chance is what they deserve.  "I Love It" is an impressive release from Morgan.  This album includes his smash hit "Almost Home" and also a couple other singles that he released to radio: "Look At Us," and "Every
Added: December 25, 2004
Friday Afternoon."  Every single that he has released so far has been flawless.  Morgan is back out with yet another remarkable single, "That's What I Love About Sundays" which will be on his new album due out in 2005.  "I Love It" is by far the best independent album released to date. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:
"Almost Home," "Look At Us," "I Love It," "Every Friday Afternoon" and "God, Family and Country."
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