Daniel Lee Martin
All That I Am

Daniel Lee Martin released his debut album, entitled "All That I Am" in 2003.  His debut on ChinMusic Records is a tremendous effort.  This album includes a couple of songs that were written and recorded by Keith Urban including "Homespun Love," "Freedom's Finally Free," "Tangled Up In Love," and "Sometimes Angels Can't Fly." (FYI: Keith Urban recorded "Tangled Up In Love" and "Homespun Love" on his album, Keith Urban: In The Ranch.)  Martin does every one of them justice.  Martin's album, "All That I Am," is truly amazing.
Quality tracks include "Homespun Love," "All That I Am," "Sometimes Angels Can't Fly" and "A Guitar With No Strings."  "A Guitar With No Strings" is one of the best written and recorded songs to date from any artist.  Martin's pure vocals and songwriting skills showcase just how talented this newcomer really is.  "All That I Am" is a great debut album and one of the best independent albums that I have heard so far. - Janelle Landauer
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