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Danielle Peck
Danielle Peck

Danielle Peck will release her self-titled Big Machine Records album on June 6, 2006.  Peck's first
single, "I Don't" was "the only debut song by a new female country artist to crack the Top 25 in the
past year." Though it was not among my favorite releases, Peck has released a new single which is
so much better.  "Findin' A Good Man" is a song that many women can easily relate to and that is,
that they're "tryin' to find a good man."  It's so hard to find a good man (or so they say) but women
just keep on tryin' to find that good man.  The single was written by Jeremy Stover, Brian Dean
Maher and Casey Koesel.

Peck co-wrote eight of the eleven tracks on her debut and a lot of her self-penned tracks are among the favorites from this album.   "Isn't That Everything," "Fallin' Apart" and "A Woman Does Too" all have the ability to do well on the charts.  "Findin' A Good Man" and "Only The Lonely Talkin'" are the lead tracks written by other songwriters.  Though Peck has a great selection of songs to choose from for upcoming single releases, "Isn't That Everything" or "Only The Lonely Talkin'" would be her best bet for success as they are the top two standout tracks.

"Only The Lonely Talkin'" was written by Clay Mills, Sonny Lemaire and singer/songwriter Shane Minor.  Minor had success in the 90's with his hit singles "Slave To The Habit" and "Ordinary Love" and more recently he's had success with his co-written singles: "Beautiful Mess" by Diamond Rio and "You're In My Head" by Brian McComas among others.  "Isn't That Everything" is a fantastic song that I'd like to see released to radio.  "Isn't That Everything" tells how the simple things are more important in life than all the riches that you could have.  The chorus goes like this:  "Isn't that everything, I don't need anything... It's only the simple things, I believe that matter most in life, I'm more than satisfied.  All that I have is all I need, isn't that everything."

From her lighthearted fun songs like "Sucks To Be You" and "Findin' A Good Man" to her serious side with songs including "Kiss You On The Mouth" and "A Woman Does Too" - Peck has delivered an album that is sure to capture the attention of fans and industry professionals alike.  Peck's debut project is a lot better than I anticipated and she is really coming together as a strong new artist. - Janelle Landauer

Danielle Peck, the self-titled album - available in stores June 6, 2006!
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