this album: "Picture Perfect," "How Can I Lose," "Take Me Away," "You," and "Echoes In The Silence."  O'Neill was born in Covertry, England and raised in Toronto, Canada.  O'Neill was one of 30 students who made it into the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, from a total of 5,000 hopefuls.  The Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts was founded by Paul McCartney.  O'Neill is signed to GMV Records and will release Picture Perfect on January 18, 2005.  Her first single from the album, "Take Me Away," has already hit Top 40 on the Music Row Chart.

All in all, this is wonderful album.  O'Neill's vocals are undeniably solid and this girl can certainly sing.  Picture Perfect flows on the more pop generated country style rather than traditionalist, but nevertheless this album is great.  O'Neill has a future in country music so keep an eye out for this fantastic new album Picture Perfect- Set to release on January 18, 2005.
- Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "Breakin' It Down," "How Can I Lose," "Take Me Away," and "Be With Me."
Danni O'Neill
Picture Perfect

Newcomer Danni O'Neill will be releasing Picture Perfect early next year.  I always go into reviewing albums with an open mind, whether the artists are known or indie artists just trying to get a break.  After listening to Picture Perfect I was very surprised that Danni O'Neill is not signed on with a major label.  O'Neill's debut could definitely compete against any album in country music today.  "Breakin' It Down" and "How Can I Lose" are unquestionably the standout tracks.  "Breakin' It Down" was written by James LeBlanc and Amy Dalley ('Men Don't Change').  O'Neill co-wrote 5 out of the 10 tracks on
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