David Ball

In 2001, David Ball released "Amigo" on Dualtone Records.  I must admit, I have liked David Ball's music from the first time I heard "Thinkin' Problem."  With the release of "Amigo," my opinion of him has not changed.  "Riding with Private Malone" is the most notable song on this record.  The video for this song was also beautifully directed.   "Whenever You Come Back To Me" is one other song that really moved me the most on this album.   Ball and songwriter Allen Shamblin penned this amazing song.  I would have liked to seen this as a single.  Although this album is very much "Texas"
influenced, it can and does work in his favor.  I definitely look forward to a new album from David Ball! - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "Riding with Private Malone," "Whenever You Come Back To Me," and "Amigo."
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