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Added: December 2009
the Delta / Like the one that’s gonna cover all of New York tonight / But it sure do remind me of those miles and miles of cotton / Long ago but not forgotten, yeah, that’s a southern man’s field of white.

“Red Light” is the album's first top 40 hit and is all about being blindsided by a breakup.  Sitting at a red light on an ordinary Sunday, she looks over and says it's over, no warning signs or red flags to be found.  In “Clouds,” the situation is reversed.  He is leaving her, telling her she's better off without him but if she's ever in New England in the fall, give him a call.

The reminiscent theme is continued on the tracks “Again” and “Summer Job Days.”  In “Again,” a high school sweetheart has left for California where she dreams of making it to the big screen while he remains back home, selling cars and wishing to feel the way he felt with her again - wondering if she ever feels the same way.  “Summer Job Days,” co-written by Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox, is a typical 'back when' song about summer, remembering the days in bathing suits and nights on the beach.

Miranda Lambert joins David Nail on “Strangers on a Train.”  The sexual tension between a man and a woman who lock eyes on a train can be felt by the listener.  The album winds down with “Turning Home,” a Kenny Chesney co-write, and “Missouri,” a song self-penned by Nail.  “Turning Home” is more reminiscing, remembering home and high school football games and school dances.  “Missouri” is all about a relationship where he knows he's not good for her and hopes one day she'll go back to Georgia and leave all the pain you've felt from me, here in Missouri.  The play on 'Missouri' as 'misery' shows Nail's talent as a songwriter.

While David Nail leaves listeners waiting for an upbeat track, the quality of his album is relatively high.  It is a solid debut album though some of the tracks may be a little too blues oriented for country radio.

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David Nail: 'I'm About To Come Alive' – Album Review
by Sarah Wyland

David Nail's debut album, I'm About To Come Alive, is not for those looking for upbeat tracks to blast while on a road trip with friends.  However, if you are looking for a mellow, country-meets-blues record, Nail is your guy.

A reminiscent theme runs throughout the album, backed up by a bluesy sound found on most tracks. “Mississippi,” the lead off song, is a track about longing for home.  The opening verse is beautifully written and the listener feels the loneliness in the song right away: I ain’t never seen the snowfall on