Added: March 29, 2006
Drew Davis Band - EP

The "Drew Davis Band" released an EP with 5 songs last year on Windswept Records.  The Drew Davis Band includes: Jay on drums; Loren on banjo, mandolin and guitar; Mike on lead guitar, fiddle, and harmonica; Mo on bass; Roger on keys, accordion and guitar; And, Drew on guitar and lead vocals.  Hit songwriter Jeffrey Steele produced the album and also co-wrote all five tracks.  In the past, I have supported Steele's work highly and this project further explains the reason why.  I'm excited about the potential that this band could have with Steele.
"I Can't Stop You" starts this album off so this is the first song most "new" fans or reviewers would hear.  "I Can't Stop You" is my favorite song from the EP, by far.  It has so much potential with radio and new fans everywhere.  Jeffrey Steele wrote this one with Danny Wells.  "Burn" is another great track.  I'm not sure if I've heard a vocal tone like that of Drew Davis.  Anthony Smith or even Jeffrey Steele would be the closest, although the Drew Davis Band is truly unique.  The whole band harmonizes so well together.

"One Day" is the least favorite from the EP.  Although it shouldn't necessarily be considered a "bad" song by any means, it just isn't as strong as the previous tunes.  The song "That Moment" is a great way to end this effort and leave prospective fans wanting more from the Drew Davis Band.  They're different, they're new and most of all, they're unique.  For more information on the Drew Davis Band, visit their website at: - Janelle Landauer
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