Lemmings plays the rhythm guitar and mandolin and Justin Tapley plays lead guitar and sings background vocals.  Bowers wrote or co-wrote all 10 singles on this album while Tapley, Gordon and Lemmings also contributed their songwriting talents to several singles.

This album consists of catchy choruses and overall, great songwriting.  Many songs stuck out to me as potentials.  From the real life story song "Nothing You Can Do" to the reminiscing of the past "Seems Like Yesterday."   

I do have one reservation about this group though.  The name of the group: Forty5 South.  The name reminds me of a group of the 90's - South Sixty Five (South65).  If South65 wouldn't have been around, the name Forty5 South would have struck me as clever, but the resemblance just strikes me as odd.  South65 consisted of 5 guys as does Forty5 South.  South65 was named after a road of which they were traveling and Forty5 South is the road that ties the band together.  It's odd, but minus this name "glitch" I did enjoy this album very much. www.forty5south.com  - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "Nothing You Can Do," "Everything I Ain't Got," "One of Those Things," and "I Still Remember"
Forty5 South
Too Much, Too Fast

While I was listening to Too Much, Too Fast, the 2004 album by Forty5 South, I was immediately drawn into the mid-90s and the great artists that came then.  I wasn't exactly sure who Ashley Bowers resembled, but I rambled off a couple which I later went to listen to.  Bowers shows some striking vocal resemblance to James Bonamy (I Don't Think I Will), David Kersh (Goodnight, Sweetheart) and a couple others from this era.  The guys of Forty5 South are: Ashley Bowers, Seth Gordon, Johnathan King, Phillip Lemmings, and Justin Tapley.  Ashley Bowers is the lead vocalist and also plays acoustic guitar.  Seth Gordon plays bass.  Johnathan King plays the drums.  Phillip
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