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"The music of California honky-tonker Allan has always set itself apart with a dark, dreamy vibe and an edge of hypnotic danger." Entertainment Weekly

"A gifted versatile singer such as the California-born Allanis a rare find."  Rolling Stone

"Gary Allan has become a Nashville exemplar." Blender

Gary Allan is a critically acclaimed artist that has sold over 5 million records on his own terms.  He has released back to back to back Platinum albums and landed back to back number one singles at country radio.  The sexy swagger of his live show tempered with a rugged yet warm voice has earned him legions of loyal fans.  In mass they flock to concert halls across the country where Allan is on a streak, breaking attendance records from California over to Kentucky and down to Texas.  In 2006 alone, Allan played live for over 1 million people.  All the while, Allan has remained true to his musical identity and his one-of-a-kind style.  He is quick to speak his mind and unafraid to take risks that would make most artists shutter. 

From the word go on his first album 1996's USED HEART FOR SALE on Decca, Allan knew exactly who he was and what direction he was headed in.  Over the course of the last decade, Allan has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  He has seen the demise of his first label, Decca and a changing of the guard at MCA Nashville.   He's been known as an industry outsider from Southern Californian and now, (after a move to Nashville and the passing of his wife) a media and industry darling - an underdog that everyone is cheering for.  Through great triumph and tribulation personally and professionally, one thing has remained consistent -- the music.  Never has this been more evident than now with the release of his GREATEST HITS. 

His first radio hit "Her Man" from USED HEART FOR SALE plays beautifully up against "Best I Ever Had," the critically acclaimed hit off of his latest studio album, 2005's TOUGH ALL OVER, which earned Allan nominations for ACM Album Of The Year as well as Single Record Of The Year.  Just as the seductive title track off of 1999's Platinum album SMOKE RINGS IN THE DARK (his first effort on MCA) seamlessly follows the live anthem "Songs About Rain" off of 2003's SEE IF I CARE.

The package kicks off with his current rising single "A Feelin' Like That" as well as his first ever #1 hit "Man to Man" from the Platinum album, 2001's ALRIGHT GUY and his second and third #1 hits "Nothing On But the Radio" and "Tough Little Boys" from the Platinum album SEE IF I CARE.  Also included are crowd favorites the sexy "Man Of Me," the romantic hit "The One," and the impossibly sultry "Loving You Against My Will."     

Allan closes out the album with a new in your face cut "As The Crow Flies" followed by the achingly honest "Life Ain't Always Beautiful."

Consistent from start to finish Gary Allan GREATEST HITS showcases the artist at his finest -- as a master blending tantalizing sex appeal with heartfelt sentiment.
Gary Allan
Album: Greatest Hits
Release date: March 6, 2007
Current single: A Feelin' Like That
Label: MCA Nashville
Artist Site: Gary Allan Official Site
Myspace Site: Gary Allan on MySpace
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Gary Allan: Greatest Hits
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