George Canyon
One Good Friend

Many of you probably recognize George Canyon as the runner-up to Brad Cotter on the hit series 'Nashville Star.'  But, George Canyon is definitely no runner up.  As Nashville Star continued each week, I had narrowed it down to Brad Cotter and George Canyon.  There was no need to pin point which artist would win the title, because it was clear that both Cotter and Canyon were extremely talented and could make it with or without the deal included with NS.  Canyon signed on with Universal South Records shortly thereafter, and "One Good Friend" hit stores on September 28th, 2004.  Canyon released "I'll Never Do Better Than You" as his debut single.  This is one of the
Added: December 25, 2004
favorites on this album although "Letting Go" is probably the spotlight song for me.  This is a respectable album and has a lot of potential for George Canyon. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:
"Letting Go," "I'll Never Do Better Than You," and "One Good Friend"
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