Glenn Cummings

"Good Old Days" is by far the stand out track on this album.  I actually heard "Good Old Days" by Dustin Evans before actually hearing Glenn Cummings version.  Dustin Evans is the original singer and songwriter of this single.  I enjoyed both Evans and Cummings version so I couldn't actually pick which version I liked better.  The con to this album is that I have also heard "If I Was An Angel" by Daniel Lee Martin before Glenn Cummings.  In this case, the comparison is more obvious and Daniel Lee Martin's version outshines the version done by Cummings. Cummings version is still inspiring and I love this song.  I see the same song on multiple albums more than often nowadays,
Added: December 19, 2004
and it's hard not to compare two versions of the same song.  With all that said, I did enjoy Glenn Cummings new album "Big."  "Big" isn't particularly my favorite single from this record, but there are other impressive singles.  I am hoping that Cummings decides to release "Good Old Days" for his follow-up single.  "Good Old Days" has radio potential and could be a big hit.  "Big" is a great debut album with unlimited possibilities. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "Good Old Days," "Loving You Is Easy," "As If I Didn't Know," and "If I Was An Angel"
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