Gretchen Wilson
Here For The Party

I am sure all of you have heard Gretchen Wilson's breakthrough hit "Redneck Woman" and her follow up "Here For The Party." Both songs are rowdy and in your face. But the album has just the right balance of songs. "Homewrecker" and "Chariot" can be categorized as rowdy while "Holdin' You", "When I Think About Cheatin'", and "What Happened" are all slow and traditional. The song "Pocahontas Proud" is like an autobiography for Gretchen. Pocahontas, IL being where she grew up. Just as Gretchen sings on Big $ Rich's album, they returned the favor on hers lending their vocals to
"The Bed." -- Samantha Higinbotham
Album picks: "Homewrecker," "When It Rains," and "When I Think About Cheatin'"
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