Hot Apple Pie
Street Date: June 28, 2005

As I mentioned before on the single review, Hot Apple Pie would have to release some really great songs on this album before I'd say they were the next big thing.  After "Hillbillies," I really just didn't care for this group at all.  "Hillbillies" was honestly one of the lamest singles I've heard and it didn't showcase their vocals at all.  Their debut however is actually much better than "Hillbillies" and it does show some promise for this new group.  I'm still not quite sure about their name, "Hot Apple Pie" but the main importance isn't their name, but the music.   Hot Apple Pie does so much better with their

Added: June 19, 2005
ballads than with their up-tempos.  It seems that with their up-tempos they lose their eminent vocals.  Take for instance, "Hillbillies" and "The Shape I'm In" -  they just don't do any justice to the group.  On "Everybody Wants To Dance With My Baby" though you can tell their prominent vocals easily and you can also notice their great harmonizing ability. 

The "choruses" sound better than when they sing the verses individually.  They do an incredible job collaborating and harmonizing, but the vocals are a bit hoarse on some parts.   Although, Hot Apple Pie are still not "group of the year" material, they do have some great qualities.  This band needs time to expand as a group so that they can better express the vocals and style that each individual member already showcases.  Given in time, I believe Hot Apple Pie could be successful if they continue to work hard and improve.  All in all, "Hot Apple Pie" is not a bad debut.  This debut could be better, but it also could have been much worse.  - Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "We're Makin' Up," "California King," "Easy Does It," and "Why Can't I Get To You."
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