John Arthur Martinez
Lone Starry Night

John Arthur Martinez is one of the rare gems out there in the Texas music scene.  Martinez also makes quite the addition to Nashville with his new country album.  "Lone Starry Night" features a superb rendition of George Straits' smash hit "Amarillo By Morning" and also some great story songs- "The Man Who Holds The Bow" and "Home Made of Stone."  From this album, "Lone Starry Night," you realize the Texas native and style of music in John Arthur.  The bilingual version of "Amarillo By Morning" performed and recorded by Martinez is so unique not only in the fact that it is bilingual but John Arthur almost makes you think you are hearing the song for the first time again.  You don't see
many artists  sing in different languages, and definitely not as good as John Arthur Martinez portrays on his rendition of the song. Martinez doesn't have an overly powerful voice, but Martinez showcases his talents well on this debut on Dualtone records.
I think it will take a lot of hard work on Martinez' and his labels side, but I do think that in time John Arthur will continue to improve and achieve all he sets out to in country music. - Janelle Landauer

"The Man Who Holds The Bow," "Home Made Of Stone" and "Amarillo By Morning" are the potential tracks on "Lone Starry Night."
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