Jamie O'Neal
Street Date: March 1, 2005
Produced by Keith Stegall
*Devil On The Left and Girlfriends  produced by Rivers Rutherford and Jamie O'Neal

Jamie O'Neal is back with a new single, new label, and a new album entitled, Brave.  After taking a little time off, she came back stronger than ever.  In 2000, O'Neal released her debut album Shiver on Mercury Records.  She took the country industry by storm with hit singles "There Is No Arizona," and "When I Think About Angels." Even with all her success, her sophomore album on Mercury was
shelved before it had a chance to be the big hit that it was.  After splitting ways with Mercury, O'Neal signed on with Capitol Nashville Records.  O'Neal released Brave on March 1 which includes her new hit single, "Tryin' To Find Atlantis." 

"Tryin' To Find Atlantis" describes the typical woman who is searching for "the one" but she seems to run into a lot of men who are not up to par.  I think this song has had all the success that it has because women can so easily relate to it.  Overall, O'Neal has delivered a great album despite two songs that I didn't particularly care for.  Brave is going to be a hard album for O'Neal to top, but I'm sure she will.  There are many potential radio singles, but "Naïve" seems to be the favorite here. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "Naïve," "When Did You Know," "On My Way To You," and "Follow Me Home."
Added: March 9, 2005
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