Aldean's debut single, "Hicktown" did really well on the charts.  The single currently is at #15 on the Radio & Records chart.  The members of the duo, Big & Rich had a huge part of the song selection for Aldean's album.  John Rich and Big Kenny were part of 5 out of the 11 singles on this album.  Both Rich and Kenny co-wrote Aldean's smash debut "Hicktown" along with Vicky McGehee.  Rich and Kenny added to "Amarillo Sky" with Rodney Clawson and Bart Pursley.  The single with the most potential, "Why" was written by Rich, McGehee and Clawson.  It would be great to see Aldean release "Why" as his next single to follow-up with "Hicktown." Jason Aldean added his songwriting talents to a couple singles as well.  Aldean and Justin Weaver wrote "Even If I Wanted To" which also ranks as one of the potential singles on this debut.  Aldean co-wrote with Big & Rich member John Rich and Vicky McGehee on "You're The Love I Wanna Be In."  This was the first single that Aldean co-wrote with Rich so it's great to see so many "firsts" on this debut.  Aldean also co-wrote with RCA newcomer Bobby Pinson on "She Loved Me."  Pinson is currently on the charts as well with his debut single "Don't Ask Me How I Know."

"You're The Love I Wanna Be In" has a great beat and would probably do well on the charts.  Aldean showcases vocal similarities along the lines of Tracy Lawrence on a couple singles, but Aldean is able to show his own unique vocals on many other singles.  "Lonesome USA" was written by artist David Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble and Mark Wright.  "Lonesome USA" is an up-tempo single along the lines of "Hicktown."

Aldean has a lot going for him musically.  Two or three years ago, the success of independent acts was far and in between, but Aldean has pushed through the barriers just as Craig Morgan did.  Is Aldean the "best" newcomer out there now?  That's debatable since there are so many choose from, but Aldean is holding his own with the big acts in Nashville and that's an incredible start to a long career. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "Hicktown," "Amarillo Sky," "Why," and "Even If I Wanted To."
Jason Aldean - Self-titled
Produced by Michael Knox
Release Date: July 26, 2005

Jason Aldean released his self-titled Broken Bow Records debut on July 26th.  The album, Jason Aldean debuted at #6 on the Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.  Aldean's album sold 28,742 units within the first week of its release making it the highest debut for an independent album since Craig Morgan debuted at #7 in March with "My Kind Of Livin'".  Jason also debuted at #37 on the Top 200 album chart. 
Added: August 20, 2005
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