highlights on this DVD – revealing just how talented of a drummer Rich Redmond really is!

Wide Open Live + More also features Aldean’s latest 4 week #1 hit and obviously a fan favorite, “Big Green Tractor.”  Also spotlighted on this release are his hits “Amarillo Sky,” “Why,” “Relentless” and “Laughed Until We Cried.”  In addition, Wide Open Live + More includes an up close and personal interview with Jason that the fans are sure to enjoy.

Aldean is able to draw the audience in on this DVD – just like he would if you were sitting front row and center at one of his shows.  Of course, there’s nothing like actually being at the show and experiencing it first hand, but, if you can’t make it out to a show just yet, this release is the perfect alternative until you can see them live.  Right after you watch Wide Open Live + More, you will probably even start planning your next road trip to see Aldean and his band live!  Don't miss out on this fantastic DVD!

Wide Open Live + More track listing:
Wide Open
I Break Everything I Touch
Amarillo Sky
Big Green Tractor
On My Highway
Drum Solo
Johnny Cash
You’re The Love I Wanna Be In
Laughed Until We Cried
I Used What I Got
She’s Country
Asphalt Cowboy

Bonus Feature:
Up Close and Personal With Jason Aldean

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Jason Aldean: 'Wide Open Live + More – DVD Review
by Janelle Landauer

Country music fans will love Jason Aldean’s new DVD, Wide Open Live + More.   Aldean and his band filmed this concert DVD on March 6, 2009 in Knoxville, Tennessee in front of a sold out crowd.  Jason and his band (Rich Redmond, Tully Kennedy, Kurt Allison and Mike Frey) must really love what they do for a living because they are there to entertain from the moment they hit the stage.  They are the best in the business when it comes to performing in front of a live crowd and you can easily see that on this DVD.

Aldean has become known over the last few years for his country rock hits and they are all found on this release.  Everything from “Johnny Cash” to “Hicktown” to one of his recent #1 hits (and DVD favorite) “She’s Country.”  Watch Aldean’s drummer, Rich Redmond on this one.  He is so full of energy and the fans love to watch him rock out on the drums.  The drum solo is also one of the
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Added: November 2009