Jim Brickman at the Orpheum Theater - February 14, 2005
Jim Brickman - America's Piano Sensation

On February 14th 2005, Jim Brickman performed at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha, Nebraska with special guests Tracy Silverman, Anne Cochran, and Mario Frangoulis.  Jim Brickman is known to many as a romantic piano sensation and after seeing him perform live, there is no doubt he is.  At this show in particular, Brickman was performing at one of the most elegant theaters that you could imagine.  It all just happened to be on Valentine's Day as well.

Jim Brickman has such an amazing talent with his music.  Not only does he blow you away when he is playing the piano, but you also have to take into consideration that he writes all this music also.  He is such a gifted musician, songwriter and literally a great act to see live.

Jim Brickman's headlining show provides such variety in the style of performances and vocals.  Tracy Silverman plays a major role in bringing the whole show together.  Tracy plays an instrument that is referred to as an "electric fiddle."  He started part of a classic song and tapped a switch on the ground, and automatically the sound of a classic fiddle transformed into the sound of an electric guitar.  Out of all of the live shows that I have attended, I have never seen an instrument quite like this one.  His unbelievable stage presence and talent just leaves everyone in the audience speechless.

In addition to both Brickman and Silverman, Anne Cochran and Mario Frangoulis are both great performers with a lot of talent that complete Brickman's headlining show.  Anne covered all of the "female" vocals while Mario contributed on the "male" vocals for the songs on the Greatest Hits album that had vocals.

Jim's show mainly consisted of the material on his Greatest Hits album including "Angel Eyes," "Rocket To The Moon," "Love Of My Life," "Destiny," and "Simple Things."  Brickman's Greatest Hits album has a huge variety of "country" guest appearances which include such from Martina McBride, Rebecca Lynn Howard, and Collin Raye.

Highlights of the night included his performances of "Valentine" (the #1 hit with Martina McBride), "Angel Eyes," "Love Of My Life" and "Destiny."  Anyone who has the opportunity to see Jim Brickman perform live should take advantage of it.  You won't be disappointed. - Janelle Landauer
Added: March 22, 2005
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