Joe Nichols has released so many singles with potential to date including his hits, "The Impossible," "Brokenheartsville," "If Nobody Believed In You," and "What's A Guy Gotta Do" among others.  Nichols is truly a defined new artist if you look at it.  He has figured out his style, his songs and his strengths.

"The Impossible" falls among the lines of "If Nobody Believed In You."  "Brokenheartsville" fits in the category of songs like "Cool To Be A Fool" and "What's A Guy Gotta Do."  Nichols is able to bring both song sides together singing the strong meaning singles and the lighthearted joke songs.  Nichols performed all of his hits at the show.

"She Only Smokes When She Drinks" still stands among the favorite from Nichols and his performance was notable.  Nichols sang his new single "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" as well.  I'm not sure about radio potential on this one, but it fits on the "joke" side of Nichols' songs like "Brokenheartsville" so it may just work for him.  "The Brain.. Tongue" song is purely hilarious.  There is really nothing you can say about a song like this - you just have to hear it for yourself.  "The Brain.." is on Nichols new album which is available now.

Nichols knows how to work the crowd, even though the crowds have been pretty "laid back" at the majority of shows this year.  Nonetheless, Nichols is a pretty good singer and performer and displayed such qualities this year at the Platte County Fair.
By Janelle Landauer
Joe Nichols <Live In Concert Series>
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