happens to be one of those singles I am referring to.  I would personally say that Berry is most known for that single.  I absolutely love his single "Will You Marry Me?"  It is the song that every woman wants to hear someday.   It is perfectly co-written and performed by Berry.  Overall, at one time or another, everyone would be at a point in their  life where they are falling in love, getting married, and starting their lives together.  "I Give My Heart" is the perfect album when you are looking for the soft, slow romantic love songs.  -Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "Will You Marry Me," "Since the Day That I Met You," and "Your Love Amazes Me."
John Berry
I Give My Heart

"I Give My Heart" by John Berry had a neutral affect on me the first time I heard it.  On most country albums, there are songs for everyone.  If you want to hear a love-gone-bad, done-me-wrong song, you can usually find one on a country album.  Whatever mood you may be in, there is usually a country song to describe it.  That is one of the greatest characteristics that make a country album great.   This complete album is compromised of slow, romantic ballads, though. Looking at the good features of John Berry and this album, however, they overpower that one characteristic.  John Berry can sing the ballads and usually sounds the best when singing ballads.  "Your Love Amazes Me"
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