Jon Michaels - I Am Who I Am
Produced by Bob McGilpin
Jon Michaels has proved that he is a very talented songwriter.  Michaels co-wrote "Stones" which appeared on Tracy Lawrence's "Strong" album.  "Stones" can also be found on Michael's album of the same name.

"I Am Who I Am" starts off with "The World Goes On."  "The World Goes On" is the favorite single from the album and definitely shows you the best of Jon Michaels.  "I Hear A Clock" follows along the lines of "The World Goes On" and it is another high quality written single.  A common trend can be
seen on this album.  Michaels writes songs that are very relatable to life.  This is an important aspect when fans want to relate to the songs they hear.

On "On A Good Day" the chorus is fantastic.  The "low" voice doesn't need to be so extreme, though on Michaels normal vocals, his quality vocals shine through so much more.  The one great thing about songwriters and their albums is that normally the songs are a raw, cut down version of the originals.  Although you don't usually expect the greatest vocals from most songwriters, they still get their deserved chance.

Songwriters, honestly don't have to be the greatest singers.  The songs are their high points and always will be.  Jon Michaels is better than some in the industry, vocally, although his strong point is still his songwriting.  "I Am Who I Am" is an album full of great songs, all of which were co-written by Michaels.  "I Am Who I Am" can be purchased on his website at - - Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "The World Goes On," "I Hear A Clock," and "On A Good Day."
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Songwriter Spotlight: Jon Michaels
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