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KENNY CHESNEY LIVE: Live Those Songs Again
Street date: September 19, 2006

Kenny Chesney released his new album, LIVE: Live Those Songs Again, on September 19.  LIVE is almost like a "greatest hits" album from Chesney, with the exception that all of his hits are performed live on this new album rather than in the studio.  This is Chesney's first attempt at a 'live' album and Chesney's fans will surely enjoy this one.

'LIVE' features 14 songs - several of his biggest hits and then a couple extras he added in.  Uncle Kracker is also featured on this live album on his duet with Chesney, "When The Sun Goes Down."
As many already know, Uncle Kracker also made several guest appearances throughout Chesney's The Road & The Radio tour this year.

"What I Need To Do" is probably one of the favorites on this album - just for the fact that the band is introduced and the fans respond immensely to this song throughout, even though it's not one of Chesney's biggest hits.  Chesney does perform some of his bigger hits though like "I Go Back," "Young," "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," and others. 

Chesney has established a strong following of fans with all his sold-out live concerts, so this new LIVE album comes at the right time for Chesney in his career.  Chesney is at that place where whatever he releases, it seems like it would be a hit with the fans. 

LIVE takes everyone back to that auditorium where Chesney is performing and all the fans are going crazy and just having a good time.  When I first heard this album, it was like I was back in Omaha earlier this year at the Qwest Center where Chesney was performing for his "Road & The Radio" tour.  Chesney is an entertainer and that is his definite strength.  Yes, he can sing and write, but he was born to be on that stage in front of HUGE audiences.  And, that is exactly what LIVE showcases - with Chesney at his best. - Janelle Landauer
Added: October 25, 2006
Live Those Songs Again
Never Gonna Feel Like That Again
Beer In Mexico
Keg In The Closet
What I Need To Do
I Go Back
When The Sun Goes Down (With Uncle Kracker)
On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful
Anything But Mine
Back Where I Come From
Don't Happen Twice
How Forever Feels
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy