Keith Anderson: 'C'Mon' – Album Review
by Sarah Wyland

Keith Anderson may not receive much recognition for his work in country music, but those who listen to not only the songs Keith sings but also those he has written for other artists (“Lost In This Moment” and “Beer Run” to name a couple) know that Keith is a quality artist.  His sophomore album, C’Mon, was a long time in coming but it is a solid follow up to his debut effort, Three Chord Country and American Rock and Roll.  A mix of fun, party anthems and ballads, Keith and producer/songwriter Jeffery Steele deliver an album that digs a little deeper into who Keith Anderson really is.
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Added: November 2008
“C’Mon” leads off the album and has the potential to become a staple in bars across America.  It’s a song about letting loose on the weekends after a week of hard work and long hours.  “C’Mon” has a beat that makes the listener want to hit the dance floor. Another upbeat song, “Somebody Needs A Hug”, sounds like a mix between the Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” and Lonestar’s “No News”.  This song injects a little bit of humor into a lover’s bad day in the form of offering a hug.

The first single from the album, “I Still Miss You”, was a top five hit for Keith and also became an anthem of sorts after he lost his mother to cancer.  The song is a double-edged sword of sorts, about both lost love and losing a loved one and missing them always.  Another single from the album, “Sunday Morning In America”, is a song written with the everyday American in mind as it pays tribute to both the kid blowing out candles on his birthday cake and those who are far away, fighting for our country.

“She Could Have Been Mine” is the typical country song about a broken heart but with a twist.  It’s about watching the woman he fell in love with as a teenager grow into a wife and a mother over the years and saying had things been different, he could have been her husband and the father of her daughter.  “Adaliene” is a personal favorite from the album.  It takes on the role of storyteller – telling of a curious boy asking his uncle about a tattoo on his arm.  The song however leaves the listener wondering what, exactly, happened to Adaliene?

All and all, C’Mon is a strong second effort.  Keith goes deeper with this album than he did with Three Chord Country and American Rock and Roll without sacrificing quality.  Keith may not get the recognition he deserves but he knows good music and gives his fans the best of his.  And as a bonus, he also includes his version of “Lost In This Moment” – a special treat that fans won’t want to miss.

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