Keith Urban
Golden Road

"Golden Road," the sophomore album by Keith Urban, has already scored 3 consecutive hits.  Urban's first single "Somebody Like You" stayed at the #1 spot on the charts for 8 consecutive weeks.  His second single, "Raining On Sunday," did fairly well on the charts also.  "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me," also hit the #1 spot.  "Golden Road" was recently certified platinum selling more than one million units!
I believe one of the top picks on this album is "You'll Think of Me."  "You'll Think of Me" describes a relationship that has just ended. One person that was in the relationship is telling the other that they can go and move on, but that they are making a huge mistake.  As the chorus states: "Take your records.  Take your freedom.  Take your memories, I don't need em'.  Take
your space and take your reasons.  "You'll  think of me.  Take your cat and leave my sweater cuz' we have nothing left to weather.  In  fact, I'll feel a whole lot better.  You'll think of me." - "You'll Think of Me," which is Urban's current single, also hit the top on the charts.

"Golden Road" is one of the best CDs released in 2002 for a male artist in my opinion.  Urban continues to show his dominance with each single release.  Urban's unique vocal and guitar talents are undeniable. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "Somebody Like You," "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me," and "You'll Think of Me"
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