industry insiders, Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott trade vocals laden with emotion about being lonely in the wee hours of the morning while Dave Haywood's piano solo adds to the emotional depth of the track.

“American Honey,” the follow up single to “Need You Now,” provides a nostalgic look at a time of innocence with the world at one's fingertips.  Even the arrangement gives this song an feel of days gone by and Scott gives one of her best vocal performances from the album on this cut.

Scott, Kelley and Haywood co-wrote a majority of the tracks from Need You Now, showcasing their growth as songwriters since their first album.  “Need You Now” was written by the trio, along with Josh Kear who penned Carrie Underwood's smash hit, “Before He Cheats.”  Among the tracks written by the trio, “Ready To Love Again” stands out.  Driven by a powerful piano, the track is about being able to open one's heart to love after a heartbreak.

Two fun tracks from Need You Now are “Stars Tonight” and the catchy “Perfect Day.”  When listening to “Stars Tonight,” one can't help but think Lady Antebellum is singing about their own career, answering the question of why they would want to join a band: “It's the lights/it's the high/it's the roar of the crowd on a Friday night.”  ”Perfect Day” is a bouncy tune about living a perfectly ordinary day that stays stuck in the listener's head long after it ends.

On “When You Got A Good Thing,” Scott and Kelley blend their voices in a sweet love song that allows them to sing back and forth to one another.  With “Something 'Bout A Woman,” Kelley takes the lead vocals about the things that amaze him about woman while Scott provides harmony and Haywood's instrumental arrangement again shines through.

Need You Now is a more than solid sophomore album for Lady Antebellum.  The trio is quickly becoming the band to beat and this album will solidify them as a force in the country music industry.  Don't be surprised if Need You Now appears on the Album of the Year nominee list when the award season rolls around.

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Lady Antebellum: 'Need You Now' – Album Review
by Sarah Wyland

For an act who's debut album went platinum and produced a Grammy-wining single, the fabled 'sophomore slump' is the elephant in the room as the release date nears.  However, the sophomore slump is one concern that went unfounded for Lady Antebellum with the release of their second studio album, Need You Now.

The album's title track served as the lead single.  Released in November 2009, “Need You Now” soared up the charts and landed at number one for five straight weeks.  Garnering positive reviews from
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