Lee Ann Womack
There's More Where That Came From
Street Date: February 8, 2005

Lee Ann Womack is just one of a few female artists who dominate country music.  She has had such a long string of hits including most notably "I Hope You Dance."  On February 8th Lee Ann Womack will release her new album entitled "There's More Where That Came From."  This album also includes her current single, "I May Hate Myself In The Morning."  This single has already made it into the top 15 and continues to climb its way to the top.  "Twenty Years and Two Husbands Ago" is the kind of
Added: January 18, 2005
song that every artist wants to record.  Songs that tell a story and that people can relate to.  Womack sings with such believability and raw emotion and that is one quality that draws in a crowd. 

"When You Get To Me" is my favorite pick on this new album.  This song has so much potential.  Here's a part from this single: "If you get to California with the sun and the golden sand, and you're standing on the edge of the ocean wishing someone would hold your hand, as you cross off your list of all the things you thought would make you feel free, call when you get to me."  The imagery of this single is so amazing and Womack does such a great job vocally on this one.

Even from the beginning of Womack's career, I could just tell that there was something special vocally about her and that she would have a long career.  Womack has come a long way since then and this album showcases her at her very best. There's More Where That Came From is a definite must-have album for 2005. - Janelle Landauer

On the web: www.leeannwomack.com

Track listing:

1.  There's More Where That Came From
2.  One's A Couple
3.  I May Hate Myself In The Morning
4.  The Last Time
5.  He Outghta Know By Now
6.  Twenty Years and Two Husbands Ago
7.  Happiness
8.  When You Get To Me
9.  Painless
10. What I Miss The Most About Heaven
11. Waiting For The Sun To Shine
12. Stubborn [Psalm 151]

Album picks:  "Stubborn," "Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago," "Painless," and "When You Get To Me."
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