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As the musical architect behind Fleetwood Mac, one of the most popular bands of all time, Lindsey Buckingham has played the key role in stoking the hit-making machinery, yet he is also a seeker, a chance taker willing to shake up the status quo for the sake of new ideas.

On Under the Skin, his first solo album in 14 years, Buckingham has distilled his art to its essence: voice and guitar, with minimal percussive and production elements to create a work of unprecedented maturity, both virtuosic and intimate.

Get ready for something as original and surprising as Tusk, but far more close up and personal.  "I feel
that I was able to reach a really authentic place emotionally," he confesses.  "It was a coming to terms with those things that had made me unhappy over the last many years. The work is quite open and personal." Check out his raw, riveting vocal on 'Shut Us Down' or the wistful, leaving-your-illusions-behind lyrics of 'Down on Rodeo' to hear what he means. "I've done this now at the end of a long process that got me to this place musically. This album is very much about what I'm not doing as what I am doing. For the production, I wanted to take it up one step or so above what you might hear if I were just singing and playing guitar for somebody."
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