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The Road To Here - Review

LITTLE BIG TOWN is the band behind the smash single, "Boondocks."  Kimberly Roads, Phillip Sweet,
Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook are the members of LBT.  On October 4, 2005, the band
released their sophomore album, entitled "The Road To Here" on Equity Music Group.  "The Road To
Here" was produced by Little Big Town and Wayne Kirkpatrick.

"Boondocks" was the single that put Little Big Town back in the music scene.  They had previously
released an album back in 2002 on Sony Records but unfortunately they didn't stay in the spotlight for too long.  "Boondocks" couldn't have done any better for the group and it's a definite highlight from "The Road To Here."

"Bones" is another true country standout from the band.  You can really see how well this group connects when you listen to this song.  "Bring It On Home" is their current single and it's doing pretty well already.  This ballad reflects on their softer side and shows that they can really sing and harmonize on both uptempos and ballads.

"Welcome To The Family" is hilarious.  I absolutely love it.  You don't see too many songs of this nature but they really nailed this one.  The chorus goes like this:

'Cause grandpa's the local sheriff
Yeah, he's the judge and the jury too
Uncle Bill's the undertaker song
He'll dig a hole for you
Cousin Jesse - he's just crazy
He'll fight you just for fun
Mama's got a real bad temper
And daddy's got a shotgun

The song is purely for fun and it's a great addition to the album.  "Stay" rounds out the album beautifully.  This acoustic single is stripped down to the basics and they capture the full essence of the song.  The original version of "Stay" can also be found on their self-titled release.

It is a great thing to see such a "different" band.  The lead vocals switch between all four artists which you don't see often in bands.  Most groups that you think of are the boy bands with one lead singer but with Little Big Town, you get something that's new and unique.  The vocals are there... the "unique" factor shines through... and the songs are also a perfect match for their vocal styles.  They are REAL and that is hard to find in the industry.  Little Big Town has enough of the right qualities and they've delivered a fantastic album. - Janelle Landauer

Top picks: "Boondocks," "Bones," "Bring It On Home," "Lost," "Welcome To The Family," and "Stay."
Added: June 20, 2006
Little Big Town: The Road To Here
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