head to look at some other woman than his own... and she notices it - he can basically just walk himself to the doghouse.

The ballads "I Am A Man" and "I'll Die Tryin'" would be highly successful as radio singles.  Even though "I'll Die Tryin''" is fairly unknown, Emerson Drive had recorded this amazing single on their 2004 release, "What If."  "I'll Die Tryin'" would classify as one of those singles that would be enjoyable to hear by almost any artist - Lonstar, being no exception to the case.

"Noise" implies that the typical person's life is filled with distractions - telemarketer calls, phony tv ads - just pure noise.  The world passes so quickly and is filled with so much noise.  "I gotta get outta this noise."  The only way to get through it, is to get out of it.

"Little Town" really hits home for anyone who has ever lived in a small town.  It's easy to take for granite the peacefulness of small towns, but this song puts everything back into perspective.  "It's where families stay together... God must be smiling down on this little town."

Rounding out the long list of favorites is a song entitled - "I Never Needed You."  "I Never Needed You" features background vocals from Sara Evans.  Evans and McDonald harmonize well together and this song proves why both Evans and Lonestar have had lasting, successful careers.

If Lonestar is planning on "coming home," - home could possibly mean the top of the country album charts.  Lonestar is working their current single up the charts and soon with the release of "Coming Home" on September 13th, a high debut on the album charts looks like it could be very likely. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "Doghouse," "I Am A Man," I'll Die Tryin'" "and "I Never Needed You."
Coming Home

With the release of "Coming Home," Lonestar has once again delivered a strong album.  "Coming Home" starts with their first single from the album, "You're Like Coming Home."  "You're Like Coming Home" has definite qualities and is the perfect single to release first.

"Doghouse" is actually a pretty clever-written single.  By the title alone, anyone could about guess who's in the doghouse, as usual - the men.  "Doghouse" justly states that when the man turns his
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