Lynn Bryant
Woman Enough

Lynn Bryant released Woman Enough earlier this year.  With no major label backing, Bryant is quite unknown to the whole music scene, but independents have been becoming more successful lately.  Bryant does have something unique about her vocals and she can't be easily compared to anyone in the industry.  "The Me I Was" is recognizably the top pick from Woman Enough.  Although I don't think she'll have much success without a major label, Lynn Bryant still has a couple radio friendly songs from her album Woman EnoughWoman Enough isn't the best album I've heard, but it's also not that bad...

Album picks: "The Heart You Save," "Another Life," and "The Me I Was,"

Besides her album, Lynn Bryant is devoted to helping children which she does through her music and her non-profit organization- The Nancy Ferro Learning For Life Foundation.  Nancy Ferro (Lynn's grandmother) lost her mother at age 12 and took over the responsibilities of raising her five siblings.  Nancy Ferro taught her siblings, children and grandchildren the important of faith, integrity, and compassion.  Ferro spent her life helping children grow in wisdom and this Foundation continues the life-giving work of Nancy Ferro. 

"The Nancy Ferro Learning for Life Foundation helps schools help children.  We give at-risk youngsters opportunities to succeed.  We work at the grassroots level - each school, each child at a time - finding out what is needed, what works and then helping make it happen.  We fund programs that provide teachers, counselors and materials needed to tutor these children while fostering the importance of character and compassion.  To date, through this program, the children are improving grades.  More importantly, they are learning skills that build character, self-esteem and empathy toward others.  These skills lead to personal growth and success far beyond the classroom."
Added: May 12, 2005
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