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Last year when Marcel was signed onto Mercury Records, I had the great pleasure of interviewing him.  A couple months later, he and Mercury split, but Marcel continues to work in the industry.  I recently had the opportunity to interview Marcel again more from his songwriting perspective, but Marcel is still an artist also.

Marcel made his debut to fans everywhere with his first single "Country Rock Star."  Speaking for the whole album in general, this is the best song on the record.  Marcel does a heck of a job singing and writing up-tempo singles.  Josh Gracin (Lyric Street Records) is currently on the charts with Marcel's "Nothin' To Lose."  It's no doubt that on Josh Gracin's album, this single is also our favorite and the best written song.

Last year, Marcel released his second single, "Tennessee" to radio stations around the world.  A new video shortly followed and was shown on both GAC and CMT.  Marcel's debut album, entitled You, Me, and the Windshield released on May 13th 2003.  Marcel worked with the production on this album and also co-wrote every song on this album.

Marcel has done songwriting with other great songwriters, including Anthony Smith and Jessica Andrews.  Andrew's single, "There's More To Me Than You" was written by Marcel, Jessica Andrews, and James T. Slater.  Andrews also lends her vocals on Marcel's album singing, "I Won't Hold You Down."

The best written songs are those which people can relate to or those that tell a story.  On Marcel's album, his songs do just that.  On our first full songwriter's spotlight, I knew that I couldn't do the feature on anyone else, except Marcel.  He's got the talent to be a very successful songwriter, and if given the chance, a recording artist.

More times than not, the songwriter's are almost "invisible" to the fans.  Fans might love a song but behind the songs are the songwriters.  There are several songwriter's out there, but Marcel has the ability to be one of the best.   Marcel has currently been writing more and more.  Over the summer, Marcel and Jessica were writing the material for Jessica's new project.  Marcel will be pursing a new record deal next year.

- Janelle Landauer
Added: Dec. 10, 2004
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Songwriter Spotlight: Marcel
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