About this time last year, Eddie Montgomery (of Montgomery Gentry) and Eddie K. (keyboardist for MG's Wild Bunch Band) started conversing on ways that they could give back to their diehard fans.  Following a few months filled with planning and content pre-production, the result of their efforts is: Montgomery Gentry UNDERGROUND.  Montgomery Gentry unveiled the new fan club super zone in the spring of 2005.

The MG Underground features Montgomery Gentry and their band, The Wild Bunch, in their rawest moments yet - all backstage and uncut.  Production manager Jeff Greeninger captures what MG calls "Shots from Below" (photos that a lot of the fans would have never got to see otherwise).  Eddie Kilgallon (Eddie K.) controls the film directing and editing.  As Eddie K. puts it - "we just shoot it and the forums are talking about it the next day."

Eddie M. and Eddie K. both wanted something that was different from the typical fan club.  With the launching of MG Underground, they have surely accomplished what they had set out to do.  In a recent Q & A with Eddie Kilgallon, he explains how different the Underground is from typical fan clubs.  "The MG Underground is different from a typical artist's "fan club" in many ways. Probably the most notable are the webisodes.  Each week while touring, we put together episodes from the road that contain material you just can't see anywhere else. It's not the spit and shine stuff you see on TV - rather it's a collection of video capturing the real deal backstage, onstage, on the bus, and everywhere in between.  In addition, fans can find a frequently updated photo gallery with shots from live concerts and behind the scenes images."

Although you often find some "big boy" language in the webisodes labeling that PG 13, the rest of the site is rated G and suitable for all ages.  Please find a personal message from Eddie K. below to all the countrymusiconline.net readers!

"We encourage all of your readers to go to www.montgomerygentry.com and check out the site. The first 7 webisodes are free for the viewing, so go ahead and check out what we've been up to. Then, if you'd like to become part of the "MG
Underground" family, just sign up and as a special bonus, use the Promo Code "MGTEAR05" to save 30% off your membership! There are hundreds of photos and over 70 webisodes to see, plus all the news from Montgomery Gentry...grab a shovel, and dig in to "The MG Underground""

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