Miranda Lambert visited Nebraska for the first time at the Gage County Fair in Beatrice on July 20th.  Lambert performed one of the longest sets that I've heard in probably three years.  Lambert's set list consisted of 20 songs including her debut single "Me and Charlie Talking" and her current single, "Bring Me Down."  Either fans are stressed out this year or country music fans are just bored with the music.  Miranda Lambert was working her butt off just to get his crowd to wake up.  It had absolutely nothing to do with Lambert, because she gave a terrific performance, but for some reason people were just out of it.

After Lambert's performance of "Give Me One Reason" the crowd finally loosened up a bit and had some spark.  I honestly believe that female artists have to work 10 times harder than males in the industry - speaking from a performance point of view.  Why, you may wonder... because the typical "fan" for a show is a teenage girl between the ages of 13 and 18 that literally woo over the male artists.  Although it's not fair, I think it rings pretty truthful.  Look at the charts right now and you can still tell that men are dominating, as usual.

Despite a dull audience, Lambert was really an incredible performer.  Lambert, not only has the vocals, but Lambert has this stage presence not expected for her age. 

Lambert is an all around artist, writing her own songs, "performing," and managing to flavor the audience with a wide variety of songs.

Miranda Lambert's debut Sony Records release is still among the top releases from a female this year.  Lambert's album contains 12 tracks and almost all of them could be potential hits in one way or another.

At her performance at the fair, Lambert's "Give Me One Reason" topped the night.  Although this is a cover tune, Miranda Lambert nailed it.  Lambert's performances of "I Wanna Die" and "There's A Wall" also stood out to be the lead songs from her set.  "I Wanna Die" should be released as a single.  "I Wanna Die" has great backgrounds and this song is actually better than I originally thought.  Lambert is a stand out performer and it only takes minutes into her live shows to recognize the amount of talent that she showcases.
1. New Strings  2. Georgia  3. Mama, I'm Alright  4. Greyhound Bus For Nowhere  5. California
6.  I Wanna Die  7.  Angel  8. There's A Wall  9. Bottle Let Me Down  10. Bad Moon  11.  Lacy's Song
12. Love Is Looking For You  13.  Love Your Memory  14.  Can't Be Bothered  15.  Give Me One Reason
16.  Bring Me Down  17.  Me and Charlie Talking  18.  Jambalaya  19.  Hillbilly Highway  20.  Kerosene
By Janelle Landauer
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