Paul Sikes
Dream That Won't Die

Earlier this year, Paul Sikes released Dream That Won't Die which includes all original songs.  It's clear to us, that Paul Sikes needs to stick to the higher register vocals as shown greatly in the choruses.  The choruses stand out with the most potential, but the verses (sang in a lower octave) don't showcase his ability to the fullest.  I feel that Sikes vocals aren't as strong as some others in the industry yet and that maybe he'd be better in a duo or a group.  "Until Then" with Anne Louise Blythe has the most radio potential.  Paul Sikes and Anne Louise Blythe harmonized so well
together.  Even though Dream That Won't Die by newcomer Paul Sikes wasn't close to my favorite album of all time, the choruses' of a lot of the songs are still enjoyable.  As long as Sikes uses his upper range, his ability will be showcased and he'll have more of a chance in Nashville. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "Sharpest Sense of Light," "Dream That Won't Die," and "Until Then."
Added: March 21, 2005
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