Phil Vassar
Shaken Not Stirred

"Good Ole Days" starts Phil Vassar's album, "Shaken Not Stirred" off on a good note.  "Good Ole Days" is the favorite from this album, and this is also Vassar's new single.  "In A Real Love," which was Vassar's first single off "Shaken Not Stirred" hit the #1 spot on the charts.  Vassar came back with "I'll Take That As A Yes" better known as The Hot Tub Song.  Phil Vassar has a great attribute which is the ability to pick the right songs for radio.  "Erase" and "I Miss The Innocence" are both powerful ballads which Vassar co-wrote.  "Amazing Grace" is another stand out track from "Shaken Not Stirred."  The piano arrangement on this single and especially on "Dancin' With Dreams" is great.
Added: June 5, 2005
When I think of Phil Vassar, I think of him playing his black grand piano, so it's great to hear a lot of piano on his singles.  "Gone By Dawn" rounds out the top as another favorite.  When you break up in a relationship, this is the song you want to hear.  Basically, the song says to just "shrug the ex off your shoulder" and move on.  The chorus states: "You'll be gone by dawn, outta my way, outta my heart, outta my face, into my past, out of my hair, off of my mind, into thin air...and  I might just drive all night long, but you'll be gone by dawn..."  "Gone By Dawn" is a very well arranged song and would be another perfect single for radio.  No matter what single Vassar decides to release as his next single, it'll more than likely be a great one because there is just so many great singles to choose from.  Phil Vassar's "Shaken Not Stirred" actually surprised me- a couple past singles like Athen's Grease made me question Vassar a bit- but this album reassured everything I already knew- Vassar has the voice, the look, and the talent to be a huge success in the industry.  Vassar also has another great quality and that's his songwriting.  Vassar is quite known for his singles released by others: "I'm Alright" (JoDee Messina) and "My Next Thirty Years" (Tim McGraw) among others.  - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  "Good Ole Days," "I'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song)," "Amazing Grace," "Gone by Dawn," and "Dancing With Dreams."
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