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Martina McBride “Covers” Reader’s Digest
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Country Music superstar Martina McBride recently spoke to Reader’s Digest and will appear on the cover of their October 2007 issue.  The article and full interview will hit newsstands on September 25.  The interview covers everything from her 19 year marriage to John McBride, her controversial songs dealing with alcoholism, domestic violence and child abuse, and even her friendship with another country superstar, Faith Hill.

Below are a few of the interview questions from the Reader's Digest feature.

Martina McBride's view on...

Being a waitress before she made it big in country music:

If I ever have to go back to it, I'll be fine. I'm a killer waitress because I see it as a challenge. It's a mental exercise. You go in order. If there are four people at a table, you start: One has the steak well, the baked potato, no sour cream; two has whatever. You memorize it. I'm very understanding about waitstaff, but it bugs me if they go, Okay, who had the steak?

Whether she thought she'd be famous:

In the back of my mind, I always thought that I was going to make it. That was my dream. All I knew about the music business was you had to make records, sing onstage, do shows and travel around in a bus and I definitely wanted to do that.

The songs she sings about alcoholism, domestic violence, child abuse:

I've never been in a situation that compares with most women out there who live with domestic violence, but I have felt helpless at the hands of someone else. I have been physically shoved or overpowered in a relationship. Abused is maybe too strong a word, and luckily I got out before it went too far. But when I'm singing songs like "Independence Day," I feel compassion for the women who live with that. And something about that song gives them courage to take action.

Women feeling a kinship with her:

Through the centuries, we have been kind of forced to find a kinship with each other because there has been oppression. I don't understand women who don't support other women. We have to.

Faith Hill:

We talk about record companies and the industry. Faith is really private. She would never say, So what do you think of this song? We don't ask each other's advice on things like that, but we do as far as decorating and cooking and that stuff.

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