Restless Heart
Still Restless

If there was one group or artist that I would have wanted to make a come-back, it would have been Restless Heart.  Restless Heart had several hits in the late 80's and early 90's including "Mending Fences," "When She Cries," and "I'll Still Be Loving You."  The vocal harmonizing of this group is impressive and the pure fact that they decided to reunite after 10 years is just unbelievable.  The opening track on this album, "Feel My Way To You" is also the bands' current single.  This is a wonderful choice for a debut single from this record and a great way to reunite everyone with Restless
Album picks: "Feel My Way To you," "Down The Road," "Looking Back," and "What We Know Now."
Heart again.  "Down The Road" is another favorite from this album.  "Still Restless" is a top notch debut after 10 years and it is as though they never left.  It's great to see the guys of Restless Heart back again. - Janelle Landauer
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