RICH REDMOND: Having So Much Fun..... It Should Be Illegal!
by Janelle Landauer

The name Rich Redmond might not be familiar to everyone, yet, but if you like country music, you're bound to have heard him playing on some of your favorite songs or even out on the road with Jason Aldean.  In February 1997, Redmond auditioned for Trisha Yearwood, Deana Carter and Barbara Mandrell - all of whom were impressed with Redmond, but were hesitant to hire him because he was based in Dallas and not Nashville.  "That was the catalyst for my move to Nashville in March of 97'," notes Redmond.  "I gave my Dallas based band 2 weeks notice, packed up my drums and my little black cat and drove boldly into the night!"

Redmond's first gig was with the country artist Amy Dalley, who has released songs like "Men Don't Change," "Love's Got An Attitude" and "I Would Cry."  "I just recently played drums on Amy's new record called 'It's Time' that I am very proud of," adds Redmond.  "My second tour was for Rick Orozco who was signed to Arista Records.  I backed up Rick, Ronna Reeves and country icon Gene Watson on a series of military shows in Japan, Korea, Sarajevo and Bosnia.   Since then I have worked with Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Jewel, Rushlow, Pam Tillis, John Anderson, Doc Walker, Deana Carter, Andy Griggs, Emily West and many others."

In 2003, Redmond was one of the members of the band Rushlow.  "My last band, Rushlow was the most famous band you have NEVER heard of," jokes Redmond.  "We worked and worked and worked.  We visited every radio station in the country and rocked every dumpy honky tonk in the country!  We never had the full support of our label, so the band imploded after 2 Top 40 Singles.  However, the rhythm section of Kurt Allison (guitar), Tully Kennedy (bass) and myself quickly became the Jason Aldean rhythm section!  Talk about a Phoenix Rising!  Whew!"

Though Redmond has fond memories of touring with every act he's been with, the last 5 years of touring with Jason Aldean has been really special for him.  "I have been traveling with my best friends, which is way more fun than traveling with groups that have been assembled by auditions or management companies," says Redmond.  "There's no comparison!  Each day is another opportunity to create more lasting memories on the road.  My talent is a gift and my job is a 'dream come true."  Whether it's a TV taping in front of 2 camera guys, a small club, a radio visit, an arena, or a recording studio, we always bleed passion and give 200 percent!!!  We have so much fun... it should be illegal!"

There’s no doubt that Redmond is one of the hardest working musicians in country music.  Besides touring with Aldean, he also co-owns an entertainment production company called New Voice Entertainment with his band mates Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy along with a fourth partner, David Fanning.  "We just acquired an office in a historic building on world famous Music Row in Nashville," explains Redmond.  "We have several acts that we are developing... A rap rocker cat named Finesse, David's own rock pop music and a new songstress named Natalie Ann.  Writing, recording and developing the careers of these acts keeps us very busy!"

In addition, Redmond gives private lessons at his studio and he fits in speaking engagements and drum clinics with colleges and high schools whenever he can.  And, if that wasn't enough to make your head spin, the list of albums he's played drums on continues to expand rapidly! "I love being productive and focused!" states Redmond. 

Currently, Redmond is setting his sights on working more in the New York and Los Angeles markets.  "It's coming along nicely," says Redmond. "Each day more and more doors are opening for me.  It comes from being persistent and determined."  And, even though he is looking to expland into new markets, Redmond will continue to tour out on the road with Jason Aldean.  Look for Aldean and his band to headline several dates this year along with opening for Keith Urban on a few shows as well.  “I hope to see you on the road this year and in the years to come!” adds Redmond. “Thanks again for having me!  Many cheers!”

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